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List of placemats

Julian D. A. Wiseman

Publication history: only at Usual disclaimer and copyright terms apply. Also see the main feature, the program that makes the placemats.

Contents: Far future; 2018; 2017; 2016; 2015; 2014; 2013; 2012; 2011; 2010; 2009; 2008; 2007; 2003-2006; ≤2002; Grace.

Most of the placemats in this list were made with earlier versions of the software, and some required expert use of the program’s features. Also see the discussion about this page, and the main feature, the program that makes the placemats.

In the tables below: “R.” = Review of the event as a whole; “P’s” = Parameters by which placemats made; “P&A” = Planning and Arrangements; and “F.” = Food order.

Placemat LinkThePortForum.comTasting DescriptionNotes
23 Apr 2051 P&A 2011 Horizontal, planned very far in advance For PostScript source in the link replace “.pdf” with “.ps”. (This note included in case I should become, ahem, permanently unavailable.)
Placemat LinkThePortForum.comTasting DescriptionNotes
15 May P&A Royal Wedding: Port Fit For a Duchess An echo of the “Port Fit For a Queen” theme of the E2>V tasting.
09 May The Big Fortified Tasting: Masterclasses
10 Apr P&A 1963s: A Second Wind?
17 Feb P&A Quinta do Noval in Leverkusen
15 Feb P’s F. P&A A New Subject of Her Majesty: Mr Wolfgang Starz

First glasses page Second glasses page

Zoom-in on some of the many Union Jacks (in foreground filled in colour; in background stroked thin):

Extract from placemats showing filled foreground Union Jacks and part of a stroked backgroun Union Jack

18 Jan P&A Port, Mostly 1982
02 Jan P&A F. Blind (Ideally 1878)

DejaVu fonts are open-source, free, and cover a large subset of unicode characters. So tested here were /DejaVuSansCondensed-Bold (TitlesFont), DejaVuSerifCondensed (CircletextFont, HeaderFont) and /DejaVuSerif (NamesFont). Not much liked.

Maiden usage of VoteRecorderMonkeyWhenShowTotalRow and VoteRecorderMonkeyName.

CPR, DRL, IDJ, RLC, KMH JDAW, WPS, DB, †, ‡ Vote recorder

Placemat LinkThePortForum.comTasting DescriptionNotes
21 Dec No placemats R. Xmas Tasting (Unknown Shipper and Peculiar Friends)
20 Dec No placemats R. Luncheon, Otto’s, 1927s 1927 Cockburn, Constantino, Croft, Dow, Fonseca, Martinez, Taylor, and Warre.
19 Dec R. P&A F. 1977s
FH77 extract from placemat

There are twelve n/m stars with n, m coprime; and inner radius, and angle at point, between that of a 7/2 and 7/3. These are 5/2, 7/2, 7/3, 8/3, 11/4, 12/5, 13/5, 17/7, 18/7, 19/8, 22/9, and 26/11. But the output wasn’t elegant: the high‑n stars looked too similar.

Also, the spelling error is regretted.

30 Nov P&A Sandemans and 1970s (for the Placemat Software’s 15th anniversary)

Cancelled or Postponed (venue booking failure)

On 30 Nov 2002 placemats switched from being artisanal to being industrial. These placemats—more accurately, the glasses pages of these placemats—are very similar to the not-used last of the artisanals.

29 Nov R. P&A F. Cálem

Placemat: Cá35, CáF58, Cá60, Cá63, CáF63, Cá66 Cá70, CáF70, Cá77, CáF80, Cá83, Cá85

02 Nov R. P&A 1970 Sighted, no duplicates
19 Oct R. P&A Mature V.P. or L.B.V., blind, ideally in decanters
10 Oct R. F. P&A Gould Campbell, 1924 to 1997 Placemat for GC tasting
07 Sep R. P&A “Bring a container of port, or something a bit like port, to share with port-lovers”
07 Sep R. P&A SQVP Blind
09 Aug R. F. P&A Summer Thirst, Blind
VoteRecorderCrossedBox on vote-recorder page

The parameter VoteRecorderCrossedBox is not intuitive to use. Perhaps the parameter could be somehow reorganised: suggestions welcomed.

/JDAW (JDA) {-0.04 Kern} (W)] def …

/VoteRecorderCrossedBox {VoteRecorderShowTotalRow VoteRecorderSheetNum GetEU dup {pop Titles WithinTitles get ASCIIfy ThisName ASCIIfy eq ThisName length 0 gt ThisName JDAW ne and and Titles WithinTitles get JDAW eq ThisName (IDJ) eq and or} if} def

01 Aug P&A Bring a Bottle of Port, or of Something Else, Blind or Not
Stars on grey

Elegant design:

/ColourSchemeTitles /MidGrey def
/ShapesInTitles true def
/ShapesToUse [/Star] def
/ShapesTitlesFill {1 setgray fill} def
/InlineTitles false def
13 July P&A La nuit avant le jour de Bastille
21 June R. P&A Portugal, including The Factory House
08 June R. P&A 1967s
Hearts, Stars, and Flowers
/ShapesInTitles true def
/ShapesToUse [/Flower /Star /Heart] def
/ShapesTitlesFill {1 setgray fill} def
	{0 setgray 0.18 setlinewidth stroke}
24 May R. P&A Anything But Vintage IV, Blind, and Optionally for Somebody
10 May R. P&A Bring a bottle blind
26 Apr Charity tasting at DFW in the Cheesegrater, arranged by AHB
19 Apr R. P&A Bring a bottle of port to share
Harrington font on MidGrey

First use of /Harrington font since 20th September 2016; first use of /MidGrey since the Dow magnums on 17th January 2013 (4¼ years before); and the first use of /MidGrey with a serif font since 22nd March 2012 (5 years before); and the first use of /MidGrey with /Harrington since 20th November 2008 (8½ years before), the previous occasion having been 26th December 2007 (shortly before that, 9⅓ years before this).

/TitlesFont /Harrington def
/CircletextFont /Harrington def
/ColourSchemeTitles /MidGrey def
/ExclusionAnnulusProportionInnerRadiusTitlesAboveBelow 0.005 def
/CircletextMaxFontSizeAbsolute 18 def
/CircletextMaxFontSizeProportionRadius 0.2 def
/InlineTitles false def
/CrossHatchingInside true def
/CrossHatchingTitles false def
06 Apr R. P&A F. 1955s
22 Mar R. P&A Bring a Blind Bottle
09 Mar R. P’s P&A F. {Dow,Graham,Fonseca,Taylor,Warre} × {1980,1983,1985} Several images of this set of placemats were posted on, and the tasting itself was reviewed in the weekend edition of the Financial Times (posted online late on 31 March 2017).

1980, ’83, and ’85: Fonseca and Taylor 1980, ’83, and ’85: Dow and Graham 1980, ’83, and ’85: Warre

/GlassesOnSheets [
	[ 0 1 2  3  4  5 ]
	[ 6 7 8  9 10 11 ]
	[ 12 13 14 ]
] def
% Omitting some less interesting parameters
/PackingNestingColumnMajor true def
/PackingStyles [
	[ /RectangularDislocation /GlassesNumMin 5 ]
] def
01 Mar An Introductory Port Tasting
04 Feb CUTwC’s 62nd Annual Dinner
04 Feb P&A 1977s in Leverkusen Stars made as for tasting on 01 Feb 2017.
01 Feb R. P&A F. 1977 from Magnum and Tappit Hen
/Magnum (Magnum) def
/TappitHenSans [(T) {-0.08 Kern} (appit Hen)] def
/DecanterLabelsNumCopies {Belowtitles WithinTitles get dup TappitHenSans eq
	{pop 3} {Magnum eq {2} {1} ifelse}
ifelse} def

Also a very complicated PrologueCode, which creates [n,m] data and forms for the stars, then execformed by PaintBackgroundInsideGlassCircles (with /InlinePrefillWhite true def). That allowed the stars’ parameters to be computed together, to maximise resonance with CirclearraysN.

04 Jan R. P&A Bring a Blind Bottle Maiden use of PaintBackgroundInsideGlassCircles.
Placemat ForTheLoveOfPort.comTasting DescriptionNotes
15 Dec R. P&A The Traditional Unknown Shipper and His Peculiar Friends /GlassesNumCopies 0 def
14 Dec Luncheon at Otto’s /GlassesNumCopies 0 def
13 Dec R. P&A F. Quinta do Noval

Noval 1927, ’31, ’33, ’34, ’42 Noval 1945, ’47, ’50, ’55, ’58 Noval 1960, ’63, ’66, ’70, ’75

23 Nov R. P&A Bring a Bottle, Sighted

/LogThisExtra (Glasses on these sheets might be the cover photograph of The Book. Hence: Names omitted from Circlearrays, though not from CirclearraysTastingNotes etc; and three copies of JDAW glasses sheets, to allow post-spillage retakes.) def

For which purpose:

/JDAW [(JDA) {-0.05 Kern} (W)] def

/Circlearrays [ CirclearraysTastingNotes
	{dup length 2 ge {dup length 1 sub 0 exch getinterval} if}
forall ] def
/GlassesOnSheets [
	[ 0 1 2 3 4 5 ]
	[ 0   2 3 4 5 ]  % AHB and his SW63 are expected to be late,
		             % meaning presumably post-photographs
] def  % /GlassesOnSheets

/GlassesNumCopies {ThisName JDAW eq {3} {1 SheetNum sub} ifelse} def

The branding of its cork revealed the purported SW63 to be a SW66.

19 Nov P&A Cálem vertical in Leverkusen
15 Nov R. Dinner with Johnny Symington at the Naval & Military Club
12 Oct R. P&A Seventy or Seventy-Seven Placemats made by Mike Meehan.
03 Oct No placemats R. P&A DrDirk in London Blind: Dow 1970; Graham 1980; Churchill 1985.
20 Sep P’s P&A Port and Steak
16 Aug R. P&A An Alex Emergency: Bring a blind bottle to share

/TitlesFont /Geo112ThinBold /def
/CircletextFont /Gabrielle def
/ShapesInTitles true def
/ShapesToUse [/Star] def
/ShapesStarsPointsAndStepsArray [[3 1.31844] [4 1.79214] [5 2.27823] [6 2.77012] [7 3.26502] [8 3.76162] [9 4.25925]] def


20 July R. P&A Anything But Vintage III
June R. Drinks on becoming a ‘Cavaleiro’ of the Confraria do Vinho do Porto Font: /LucidaSansUnicode.
15 June R. P&A F. A trial of Fonseca 1963 After the placemats were printed it was discovered that the “proposed GC70 is actually Oporto-bottled”, so it was replaced by a Warre 1963; and “a small issue with the BN55 — in that I could not find it! Can I respectfully offer another 55 — A Mackenzie bottled by J Harvey and Sons Bristol.”
19 May R. P&A 66@50 Placemats made by Mike Meehan.
30 Apr “Sensational Sercial”
21 Apr R. P&A F. Her Majesty is Ninety: A Double-Vertical of Dow and Graham (with Oscar, before the BFT) These placemats caused re-observation, and this time understanding, of a bug in Adobe Distiller. If FlightSeparationPaintSeparately is false and there are multiple lines on one page, the apparent ends of some lines are controlled by setlinejoin rather than setlinecap. (See manual.)
16 Apr
17 Apr
P&A FTLOP Madeirathon Maiden appearance of neck tags.
04 Apr R. P&A F. A Life or Death Emergency — bring a bottle of VP, blind or sighted
01 Apr R. P&A A small vertical of Graham, in New York Maiden usage of CrossHatchingOutside.
17 Mar R. P&A The Fourth Annual Doty Cup

Maiden usage of ShapesPrintQuickerDistillSlower, and of BackgroundTextsDecanterLabels (both of which were added to the software for these placemats).

Zodiac characters, , in fonts /Menlo-Regular and /Menlo-Bold (seemingly with identical zodiac glyphs), made as follows.

/Zodiac [ [ /uni2648 (Aries) ] [ /uni2649 [(T) {-0.04 Kern} (aurus)] ] [ /uni264A (Gemini) ] [ /uni264B (Cancer) ] [ /uni264C (Leo) ] [ /uni264D (Virgo) ] [ /uni264E (Libra) ] [ /uni264F (Scorpius) ] [ /uni2650 (Sagittarius) ] [ /uni2651 (Capricorn) ] [ /uni2652 (Aquarius) ] [ /uni2653 (Pisces) ] ] def

/Circlearrays [ Zodiac { [ exch dup 1 get exch [exch {/Menlo-Regular CurrentFontSize selectfont} exch 0 get {CircletextFont CurrentFontSize selectfont} ] ] } forall ] def

/Titles [ Zodiac {0 get} forall ] def

/SubtitlesTastingNotes [ Zodiac {1 get} forall ] def

/TitlesFont /Menlo-Bold def

• The zodiac was too confusing for the sommelier. Next year Titles to be ‘1’, ‘2’, …, ‘12’.

26 Feb R. P&A P&A P&A 1985 Horizontal at the Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago
24 Feb R. P’s P&A F. Vesuvio

/PaperType /A2 def, then trimmed in accordance with /OuterGlassesMarginB 3924887 1696576 3 sqrt mul sub 6 mul 18161 div def (≈ 325.862pt ≈ 115mm).

Vesuvio placemat

15 Feb R. P&A Bring a blind bottle to share Activation of CrossHatchingBackground (renamed to CrossHatchingInside) and CrossHatchingTitles has become rare. Which is fortunate, given the clash with TastingNotesCirclesBehind. Bug fixed as of version dated 16:00 Monday 15th February 2016—too late for this tasting.
13 Feb 1966 Horizontal, in Leverkusen, arranged by

AP’s translations into German:

/TastingNotesColumnHeadings [ (Zeiten) (Auge) (Nase) (Gaumen) (Punkte) ] def
/VoteRecorderInstruction (Punkte, not rank.) def
/DecantingNotesTopText [(V) {-0.06 Kern} (erkostungsnotizen)] def
/DecantingNotesColumnHeadingTimes (Dekantierzeit) def
/DecantingNotesColumnHeadingNotes (Korken, branding, &c) def
/CorkDisplayTopText (Die Korken) def
08 Feb R. P’s P&A F. Bring A Bottle, Sighted Maiden usage of PagesToBeInserted: insertion of the food order into the PDF doesn’t break the page numbering, and that inserted page has an entry in the Table of Contents.
30 Jan R. Home Drinking: testing a recent delivery (GM86, GM87, DB92, 2×WC92)
18 Jan The ‘We Must Drink More Port’ Tasting Made by Ben Read.
04 Jan R. P&A Beer, then Young Port Test inclusion of the new Accounts page type (discussion thereof).
Placemat LinkThePortForum.comTasting DescriptionNotes
17 Dec R. P&A The Traditional Unknown Shipper and His Peculiar Friends

Traditionally in The Bell, Wendens Ambo; in 2015 in The White Horse, Newport.

There are sticky labels, seemingly without glasses sheets. But the sticky labels are merely copies of what is on the glasses sheets. So there are glasses sheets, zero copies of which are shown: /GlassesNumCopies 0 def.

15 Dec R. P’s P&A F. Seventy-Five at Forty

Font /Albertus-Medium, as used for street signs in Lambeth. And precision kerning, both vertical and horizontal, in BackgroundTextsTNsTexts.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

28 Nov R. F48 F48 Fonseca, in Leverkusen, arranged by Manual setting of FontSizesTitlesEquivalences, necessitating /FontSizesRatioTitlesMin 1 def.
25 Nov R. P’s P&A F. Horizontal of 1985s

Complicated default value of new parameter BackgroundTextsAlignmentVertical worked well.

Change in default fonts, Titles in /TrebuchetMS-Bold (sans-serif, pleasingly weighted, with bright negative spaces); Circlearrays in /Garamond (which I now prefer to /Garamond-Bold).

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

24 Nov R. With George Sandeman at Otto’s Usually GlassesClusteredOnVoteRecorders is derived from GlassesOnTastingNotePages. But here it was more natural for the grey lines to separate types of wine, hence:
/GlassesClusteredOnVoteRecorders [
	[   [ 0 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 4 5 6 7 ]  [ 8 9 10 11 ]   ]
] def
27 Oct R. P&A A relatively long-notice ‘emergency’

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

14 Oct R. P&A Woo-Woo not in Bangalore It has been said that “You can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man”, and equivalently that “You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl”. (Yes yes, man/girl thing: I’m quoting; find something important about which to have a bee in your bonnet. This isn’t it.) The same is true of the placemats: even without placemats, there will be placemats.
21 Sep R. P’s P&A An Emergency

Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat Vote-recorder placemat

09 Sep R. P’s P&A F. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning Monarch of the United Kingdom

Maiden usage of software with BackgroundTextsOrientation. BackgroundTextsGlassesPaintCode very faint, 127128, because my printer prints greys dark. The /Cochin font looks good.

Also see the letter from Buckingham Palace.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

14 Aug R. P’s P&A F. The Elliotts in London: Bring a Bottle, Perhaps of Tawny

Parameters GlassesCirclesFadingFactor and GlassesCrossedOut added to the software for this tasting. Comment welcomed, ideally in the software thread.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

27 July R. P’s P&A F. Bring a bottle to share

TitlesFont = /Cardinal-Alternate; CircletextFont = /BeagleCondensedNormal.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

21 July R. P’s P&A F. “[S]ome kind of emergency”, “Blind”

/Rays true def:

Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

And with rays emphasised:


07 July iVin @ Quevedo
17 June R. P’s P&A F. The Sweet-Spot Vintages ({’66, ’70, ’77}×{D, G, T, W}), blind

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat Corks placemat Decanter-label placemat Sticky-label placemat

03 June R. P&A “Doty in London — Get it while it’s hot”

Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

17 May R. P’s P&A Blind and atonal at Left Bank New York

Though I dislike the numerals in /GillSans, the letters are very elegant, and nicely different to /Harrington.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

09 May R. P’s P&A 1945 Horizontal at The RAF Club (WoP)

Review in The World of Fine Wine, issue 50, 2015.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

05 May R. P’s P&A F. Fonseca’s Bicentenary

Unusually, Titles, TitlesTastingNotes and TitlesVoteRecorder all different; and SubtitlesTastingNotes different from all of Abovetitles, Belowtitles, and Overtitles.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

15 Apr R. Old Claret at Otto’s
10 Apr P&A The Doty Cup, Elemental

Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine, Neon, Sodium, Magnesium:

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

31 Mar R. P&A F. Blint och informellt farväl till Magnus (och Dereks fem från ’65)

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

26 Mar R. P’s P&A F. Blind with a clue

Having just devised the parameters to reproduce the pre-software placemats used on 12 May 2001, similar was used here.

Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

02 Mar R. P’s P&A F. Henry Shotton in London

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

15 Feb R. P&A Lunch with Chris Doty

Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

09 Feb R. P&A F. Port from the 1970s

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

19 Jan R. P&A F. Fonseca, incl. a bottle from an imperial

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placematVote-recorder placemat

17 Jan The 60th Anniversary of the C.U.Tw.C.: Fonseca 1985 in Imperial and Magnums (how it happened), and some Noval 1955 Decanter labels without glasses sheets, by /GlassesNumCopies 0 def. There are other ways this could have been done.
Placemat LinkThePortForum.comTasting DescriptionNotes
30 Dec R. P&A Dr Dirk in London (blind ’60s and ’70s)

Font: /AccanthisADFStdNo3-Italic.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

25 Dec R. ‘A’ Three tawnies, and two Warre LBVs
24 Dec A Few Tawnies

Vote-recorder placemat

22 Dec R. P&A Available and thirsty for 1970s
18 Dec R. P&A Unknown Shipper, Peculiar Friends, again

Decanter labels without glasses sheets, by /GlassesNumCopies 0 def.

On the small sticky labels (5×13 on A4) the CircletextFont is an element of Names; everywhere else it is part of the wine description. Hence /CircletextFont {TypeOfPagesBeingRendered /StickyLabels ne {//true} {StickyLabelsTypeThis 0 eq} ifelse  {TitlesFont} {NamesFont} ifelse} def

Also, and this is regretted, the wrong date.

16 Dec R. P&A Off The List at the Boot and Flogger /SideBySideGlassesTastingNotes true def
26 Nov R. P&A 75 Years of Martinez Made by Phil Wakely.
20 Nov Doty’s Thirsty Third Thursdays, blind
29 Oct R. P’s P&A Post-Refurbishment Bung Hole: Croft

Echoing the formatting of the placemats of 16th January 2012.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

21 Oct R. P’s P&A Ramos Pinto: A Vertical

/InlineTitlesMaxNumberContours {Belowtitles WithinTitles get length 0 eq {2} {1} ifelse} def

First use of the functionality controlled by BackgroundTextsPrePourRefit, StickyLabelsShowBackgroundTexts, and StickyLabelsShowCirclearraysInCircle.

Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

Late Sep Portugal, Sept 2014

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Sticky labels Vote recorder Glasses placemat Vote recorder Glasses placemat Vote recorder Glasses placemat Vote recorder Glasses placemat Vote recorder Glasses placemat Vote recorder

18 Sep P&A The Scottish Independence Referendum, 18th Sept 2014 Made by Daniel Jewesbury.
18 Sep R. Thirsty Third Thursdays: ΦΣΚ
15 Sep Port and Steak on the Barbie chez Christopher CMAG brought Ni83; DRT brought F85; and I can’t recall what I brought.
28 Aug R. P’s P&A One Bottler (Hedges & Butler)

Wrong date: 28th August, not 27th August. This error is regretted.

Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

26 Aug R. P’s P&A AHB’s Cellar Reduction Party

Format chosen to match the bottle bags (Arabic numbers in Times Roman font), which is why not that agreed in the thread entitled Naming blinded bottles.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

August ‘A’ P’s House Decanter Labels Decanter labels only, by /Names [ ] def, which then causes the default value of TitleAboveBelowOverToFitInCircle to be false.
16 July Doty’s TTT’s Mature Sauternes, blind
16 June R. P’s P&A 1997 Maturity Evaluation

Lots of complicated parameters, available in full from the P’s post.

Much faffing with margins, so that those on the glasses sheet are different, MarginB being large.

/FlightSeparations true def, and, even more unusually, with /FlightSeparationPaintSeparately true def. The first three items of FlightSeparationLines define /Closed paths, used by FlightSeparationPaintCode (“FlightSeparationLineNum 0 eq”, then 1, then 2) as clipping regions. Decorative lines, very thin, are painted. The remainder of FlightSeparationLines defines the boundary paths. FlightSeparationPaintCode does nothing with these until the last one, so these are in effect not …PaintSeparately’d. And that last item paints a thick black line inside a gsave … grestore, and then a less thick white line. The setlinecaps avoid bleed.

There is a broader lesson from these complicated parameters. The program is written in PostScript, and is structured to allow, perhaps even encourage, code injection. In almost all parameters the user has full access to the whole of PostScript, and to the values of the variables maintained by the code. E.g., FlightSeparationLineNum is there to be used. That gives great power, but full access to that power requires being able to use PostScript.

Glasses placemat Vote recorder

03 June R. P’s P&A Blind 1958s for Oscar Quevedo

The most useful lesson from this tasting might be the explanation of the blinding technique.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Decanter labels Decanter labels Decanter labels Decanter labels Vote recorder

14 May P’s Requested by Oscar Quevedo

/ShrinkRadii [ 0 0 1 ] def and /MaxRadius 180 def to have larger table-wine glasses.

/InlineTitles {WithinTitles 9 le} def for the differential patterning.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat

30 Apr R. P’s P&A ‘Crazy 8s’

Example element of Titles: [(Ch) {UnderlineBegin} (8) {UnderlinePaint} (5)]

Temporarily, /EmptyGlassesPageAtStart true def, just to make this image which was used here. Image having been made, EmptyGlassesPageAtStart was reverted to false to make the printed and retained PDF.

Also, after the tasting, the maiden use of GlassesAnnotations.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat

23 Apr R. P’s P&A 1960 versus 1963

Six sheets used for decanter labels only, not-needed glasses pages being suppressed by code in NonDecanterLabelGlassesNumCopies (later renamed to /GlassesNumCopies).

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat

22 Apr R. P’s P&A 1966: a small horizontal

New version of code in which an upper bound for InlineTitlesMaxNumberContours is computed automatically (as asked on 02 Apr 2014), and in which CircletextsTweakSize causes Circlearrays to be tight packed (as asked on 21 Mar 2014).

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Glasses placemat

05 Apr P&A P’s DRT and his astronomy chums at the “SGL9 Star Party Tasting”.

Some planets: ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♆ ♇. Example element of Circlearrays: [ (Neptune) [{TitlesFont CurrentFontSize selectfont} /uni2646 {CircletextFont CurrentFontSize selectfont}] ]

Glasses placemat

02 Apr R. P’s P&A Graham 1980: a trial

Can InlineTitlesMaxNumberContours be computed automatically? An algorithm question has been asked on comp.lang.postscript. (Edit: done as InlineTitlesAttemptMinimiseNumContours.)

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat

Vote-recorder placemat Vote-recorder placemat

21 Mar R. P’s P&A The Doty Cup 2014

/CircletextsMinCopies {WithinTitles 3 eq {5} {1} ifelse} def

This gave the tightest packing. Does it suggest a need for a new parameter that automatically does a tight-packing optimisation? Hmm. Maybe. (Edit: done, as CircletextsTweakSize.)

Also, the maiden usage of FontSizesTitlesEquivalences.

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

(Opening words of the twelve books of Milton’s Paradise Lost.)

26 Feb R. P&A Not Drinking TV64

Glasses placemat Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

18 Feb R. P’s P&A Thirsty at Half Term

Crosses (✠ ☩ ♰ ♱ ☨ ☦), in font /Menlo-Regular, glyphs /uni2720, /uni2629, /uni2670, /uni2671, /uni2628, /uni2626.

Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

01 Feb Cr55 SV97 SV99 SV00 P’s The 59th Annual Dinner of the Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club Decanter labels only, by /Names [ ] def.
27 Jan R. P’s P&A Taylor 1985: a trial

/VerticalMiddlingTitles /MatchNone def looked more elegant with the single Greek letters.

Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat Vote-recorder placemat

08 Jan R. P’s P&A Blind in the Bung Hole ∵ Ronnie Visits London

Vanilla, except /TitleMaxHeightProportionInnerRadius 1 def to constrain the size of the asterisk.

Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

02 Jan R. P’s P&A Bring a Bottle to Share, ∵ Dr. Dirk in London

Glasses placemat Vote-recorder placemat

Placemat ForTheLoveOfPort.comTasting DescriptionNotes
19 Dec R. P’s P&A Unknown Shipper, Peculiar Friends, Revisited

There are sticky labels, seemingly without glasses sheets. But the sticky labels can only contain copies of what is on the glasses sheets. So there are glasses sheets, zero copies of which are shown: /NonDecanterLabelGlassesNumCopies 0 def (later renamed to /GlassesNumCopies).

The previous usage of the font /SnowtopCaps was ghastly. This usage was better.

07 Dec R. P&A 1955 Horizontal for Pilsen Homeless Health Services Made by Glenn Elliott. These appeared in the Huffington Post of 20 Dec 2013.
28 Nov R. P&A ‘What?’, after the Berry Bros & Rudd Port Walk
27 Nov R. P&A 83@30 Made by Daniel Jewesbury. The ZX Spectrum font was very ’80s.
31 Oct R. P’s P&A All Hallows’ Eve: Remember the Dead (Blinded and Decorated) Fonts: /Firecat-Medium, /LucidaBlackletter, and /AmericanTypewriter-Light.
R. P’s 1963s, for AHB’s Quinquagenary At 433 pages for a tasting over three sessions and two locations, much use of the PageOrdering… parameters.
R. Champagne, for the better halves
08 Oct R. P’s P&A Andy Velebil in London
Unused, “Cálem and not Cálem”
02 Oct R. P&A P’s Port Oops: wrong date on the placemats. Wednesday 2nd, not 3rd. Anyway, another airing for the /Harrington font.
25 Sep R. P’s P&A Bring A Bottle of Vintage Port (G70 magnum, GB70, T70, N66, W77, G??)
10 Sep R. P’s P&A “Bring a bottle wrapped in foil” Usage of VoteRecorderCrossedBox and VerticalMiddlingTitles.
10 Aug P&A FTLoP 8th Anniversary Made by Glenn Elliott.
18 July Doty’s TTT’s Champagne
10 July P&A DRT’s Emergency, but cancelled and replaced with beer.
27 June R. P&A Doty in London for Wimbledon and 1966s The /Cochin-Bold font has gravitas. Also, it was from this tasting that I started posting PNGs of the placemats in the organisation threads.
04 June R. P&A Griff Returns Down Under Maiden usage of RotationTitlesAboveBelowOverCirclearray.
19 May Madeirathon Made by Glenn Elliott.
18 May
16 May Thirsty 3rd Thursday: The Riesling Lottery /GilliusADFNo2-Bold and /GoudyOldStyleT-Regular look good.
24 Apr R. P&A 2007 LBVs, after the BFT
23 Apr R. P&A The Dirty Dozen
20 Apr P&A 1983 Vintage Port Retrospective Made by Glenn Elliott.
18 Apr ThirstyThirdThursdays: The Price is Right
17 Apr P&A P’s Oscar in London
02 Apr R. P’s P&A 1983-1985 Double Horizontal A rare use of BackgroundTextsGlasses.
22 Mar R. P’s P&A Taylor vertical Large Circlearrays array, from which other arrays and formatting computed. There are similarities with placemats of and referenced in the Graham and Malvedos on 13 Nov 2012.
21 Mar ThirstyThirdThursdays: “California versus France: Blind Smackdown” A rare use of PaintBackgroundCode, and, even rarer, that containing a use of MakePathConnectingGlasses. The layout could have been done with a blank glass and /PseudoHexagonal, but was instead done with /PermittedPackingStyles [  [ [1 1] [5 1]   [0 2] [2 2] [4 2] [6 2]   [0 0] [2 0] [4 0] [6 0] ]  ] def, which also had the advantage of putting the glasses into the desired order. (Edit June 2013 and May 2016: since this placemat was made PermittedPackingStyles has been renamed to PackingStyles and its workings changed.)
09 Mar PasswordedR. Velhíssimo Verdelho Made by Glenn Elliott.
06 Mar R. P&A Blind at short notice
26 Feb R. P&A Ronnie Roots visits London
21 Feb Partly-blind 1970 horizontal: Chris Doty’s
/TitlesFont /HelveticaNeue-CondensedBold def
20 Feb R. Alex’s Mystery Theme after the New Douro Tasting
/CrossHatchingBackground {WithinTitles 5 le WithinTitles 3 ge and} def
/CrossHatchingTitles {WithinTitles 6 ge} def
/InlineTitles {WithinTitles 5 le} def
/InlineTitlesMaxNumberContours {WithinTitles 2 le {12} {2} ifelse} def

(March 2016: CrossHatchingBackground renamed to CrossHatchingInside.)

15 Feb R. P&A “Doty’s Triumphant Return”
06 Feb R. P&A Some Churchill and some halves of Dow Bomfim
/RaysLinesPerGlass 68 def
/MaxRadius 130 def
26 Jan TNs CUTwC Dinner
(T55, 2×SV99×3L)
Decanter labels only, by /Names [ ] def.
18 to
20 Jan
R. Extras for a trip to Portugal

Greeks only:

/Greeks [
	/alpha /beta /gamma /delta /epsilon /zeta
	/eta /theta /iota /kappa /lambda /mu
	/nu /xi /omicron /pi /rho /sigma
	/tau /upsilon /phi /chi /psi /omega
] def  % /Greeks
/Circlearrays [
	Greeks {[
		exch dup dup length string cvs exch
		[exch {/Helvetica CurrentFontSize selectfont} exch]
	]} forall
] def  % /Circlearrays
/Titles [ Circlearrays {1 get} forall ] def
/PrePourReverseOrder false def
/PageOrderingNonDecanterLabelGlasses [ 0 1 2 3 ] def
/PageOrderingTastingNotePages [ 0 1 2 3 ] def
/PageOrderingVoteRecorder [ 0 1 2 3 ] def
/PageOrderingCorkDisplay [ 0 1 2 3 ] def

Sunday 20th only: /FooterCenterText-Backstage [ 0 2 4 {ExternalLinks exch get (   )} for pop ] def, which has never before been changed from its default value.

20 Jan Light lunch
19 Jan A Working Dinner with Christiano Van Zeller
19 Jan A Working Lunch with George Sandeman
18 Jan With Five Symingtons
17 Jan R. P&A Dow magnums
03 Jan R. P&A Blind (3×Ck55) An example of SideBySideGlassesTastingNotes.
Placemat ForTheLoveOfPort.comTasting DescriptionNotes
13 Dec R. P’s P&A The Unknown Shipper and His Peculiar Friends There are sticky labels, seemingly without glasses sheets. But the sticky labels can only contain copies of what is on the glasses sheets. So there are glasses sheets, zero copies of which are shown: /NonDecanterLabelGlassesNumCopies 0 def (later renamed to /GlassesNumCopies).
05 Dec R. P&A Borges muito velho and friends
19 Nov R. P&A The Hix Oyster & Chop House EC1M 6BN The font, /PuritanSwash-Bold, was not such a good idea.
13 Nov R. P’s P&A A Smattering of Graham and Malvedos Arrays in PermittedPackingStyles (since renamed to PackingStyles); and many parameters auto-computed from Circlearrays. The formatting ‘convention’ is generally applicable to a vertical comprising a mixture of a shipper’s VPs and SQVPs, and works well. VPs are shown black, with the shipper name in the Belowtitles. SQVPs are shown with InlineTitles being true, and the Quinta name in the Overtitles. Variations on this had been used for the Delaforce on 24 Apr 2012, Fonseca on 04 Apr 2011, and Malvedos on 22 Mar 2010.
23 Oct R. P&A A Trio of 1963s
20 Oct Blind in Los Angeles, 1 to 15
15 Oct R. P&A The Bung Hole, Delaforce 1958 and friends Flowers in /Calibri-Bold; and the first use of TastingNotesCirclesBehind.
09 Oct R. Blind, 1 to 6, in Portal Restaurant EC1M 4EH
24 Sep R. P’s P&A Warre versus Fonseca Placemats made by Phil Wakely, who included shipper-logo EPS elements.
18 Sep R. P&A Mostly Sandeman Vau
04 Sep R. P’s P&A Blind and Mis-Guessed
25 July R. P’s P&A Olympic Years, ’48 to ’08, at the Portuguese Embassy

A complicated array in PermittedPackingStyles (since renamed to PackingStyles); and a rare use of FlightSeparationLines.

There was lots of code in the elements of Names, which in newer versions of the software can be done more easily using NamesTastingNotes, NamesVoteRecorder, NamesStickyLabels, and NamesPlaceNames.

10 July R. P&A A Blind Emergency
15 June R. Dinner with Miguel
14 June R. Some 1912s
13 June R. Dinner at The Yeatman
13 June R. 1955s at the Sandeman Lodge (originally to be at the Ferreira Lodge).
12 June R. Graham at Bomfim
11 June R. Fonseca at Bomfim
06 June R. P&A Farewell to our favourite waitress at the Bunghole
24 May P&A JDAW drinking Croft 2005 LBV near the Bunghole
15 May R. P’s P&A Horizontal of 1970 honouring Ronnie Roots Rays and RaysLinesToPaperEdge.
02 May R. P’s P&A Post-BFT with Johnny Symington and the Graham 1952 Single Harvest Tawny The Titles in /TrebuchetMS-Bold (sans-serif, pleasingly weighted, with bright negative spaces) worked well, and worked well with Circlearrays in /Garamond-Bold.
24 Apr R. P’s P&A Delaforce Vertical, 1960 to 2007 The usual format for a vertical of VP and SQVP: see Graham and Malvedos on 13 Nov 2012.
17 Apr R. P’s P&A Six × 1966
11 Apr R. P’s P&A A Small Blind Emergency
31 Mar P&A Roy’s Top 12 Tasting Made by Glenn Elliott.
29 Mar R. P’s P&A The Birthday Boys, ruby then vintage Striking variation in formatting within the placemats.
23 Mar P&A “The Reserve Ruby Taste Off” Made by Glenn Elliott.
22 Mar R. P’s P&A JDAW’s oddments, being some unimpressive ports purchased in Paris
12 Mar R. P’s P&A Cynthia and Seven Blind Men
10 Mar R. “The Transcendental Terrantez Tasting” Made by Glenn Elliott.
02 Mar R. P&A 1980s in Leverkusen Rotate180AlternateNames; and font = /TrebuchetMS-Bold.
29 Feb R. P&A The Annual 29th February Leaping (2012)
22 Feb R. P&A Jubilee (though some of the ‘Jubilee’ connections were tenuous)
14 Feb R. P&A Valentine’s Day at El Vino’s An example of SideBySideGlassesTastingNotes.
08 Feb R. P&A Blind at The Bung Hole First item of Circlearrays is [ [JDAW {-0.12 Kern} {SubscriptOn} (1) {SubscriptOff}] ], which had been preceded by /JDAW [(JDA) {-0.06 Kern} (W)] def.
31 Jan R. P&A A toast to Ko-ichi’s Retirement Perhaps both OutlineTitles and Rays is too psychedelic?
16 Jan R. P&A Croft in The Bunghole Rotate180AlternateNames.
10 Jan R. P&A The Bunghole: a splendid trial
03 Jan R. P&A 1977 at The Crusting Pipe A pleasing format for a horizontal. /TitlesFont /LucidaSans-Demi def, and /InlineTitles true def. Every item of Abovetitles is [(1) {-0.12 Kern} (977)], being a version of “1977” kerned by 0.12×the font size, and shown unadorned, so /InlineAbovetitles false def. But perhaps next time the CircletextFont should be a serif font, rather than /LucidaSans. Perhaps, perhaps not.
Placemat LinkThePortForum.comTasting DescriptionNotes
20 Dec R. P&A Vintage Port at The Crusting Pipe (W70, F70, T70, D83, GC85)
15 Dec R. P&A The Unknown Shipper and His Peculiar Friends, at The Bell
30 Nov R. P&A Dead Cow & Vintage Port (Ck67, Mz67, Ck75, T77, W77, Mz85)
17 Nov R. P&A RAYC’s birthday, a triple-vertical of GC + SW + QH This tasting caused the /Array base style to be a valid value in the parameter now called PermittedPackingStyles (which has since been renamed to PackingStyles).
16 Nov R. P&A SushiNorth at TCP with QH77 + Ch85
08 Nov R. P&A Port With Star Quality ★ ☆

A compound string can include code that makes a path. Maybe this was excessive.

Also the maiden usage of cork-display pages.

27 Oct By request, no placemats R. P&A London with StevieCage & RonnieRoots
11 Oct R. P&A {D, F, G, T} × {’63, ’66, ’70, ’77} Complicated placemats, with BackgroundTextsGlassesTexts, and code in parameters such as NonDecanterLabelGlassesNumCopies (later renamed to /GlassesNumCopies), PrePourNumCopies, StickyLabelsNumCopies, and HeaderCenterText.
22 Sep Made for a shipper
19 Sep R. P&A A Ragbag of Good Port, at the Steak Exchange /CircletextMaxFontSizeAbsolute 5 def, an unusually small value.
01 Sep R. G-man in San Francisco First placemats in which the PDF has a Table of Contents, entailing the maiden usage of ExternalLinks.
19 Aug R. Emergency Drinking at The Crusting Pipe
08 Aug R. P&A DB98 + TTF86 in Paris
Port from the Nineteen Nineties, at The Steak Exchange Non-constant RaysLinesPerGlass.
19 Jul With Richard Mayson Maiden inclusion of decanting-notes pages.
07 Jul R. P&A Anything But Vintage II (the Warm-up), at The Crusting Pipe
28 Jun R. Three Blind Men, in The Crusting Pipe My preference would have been a little lighter and simpler, but was asked “… tasting in London tomorrow evening …. Please make your finest … blind tasting one-page placemat using as many new features as possible.”
23 Jun R. P&A The Quest for Phil W’s new house port Placemats made by RAYC.
09 Jun R. P&A A test of The Steak Exchange (T48, Ck67, Dl70, G91) Whatever weird folly caused me to choose the font /BlackwoodCastle, it won’t happen again.
13 May R. P&A Sandeman Vertical The font /Didot-Bold worked well, especially for the two-digit years.
06 May R. P&A London welcomes g-man, blind
23 Apr R. P&A The Port Society launches on St George’s Day The /Lautenbach-Normal font was an error. It’s horrible.
16 Apr Made for a Danish tasting that might not have happened.
04 Apr R. P&A Fonseca Guimaraens, and some Fonseca

The usual format for a vertical of VP and SQVP: see Graham and Malvedos on 13 Nov 2012.

It was from these placemats that the log page was shown by default—the log-page code having been present since 20th January 2008.

03 Apr R. P&A Pre-FG warm-up session Small variation of formatting by name.
15 Mar R. Blind at El Vino’s
10 Mar R. P&A Port Worth Sharing, blind at The Crusting Pipe
24 Feb R.
22 Feb R. P&A Half Bottles
06 Feb R. P&A Emergency Tasting at The Crusting Pipe (Df66, Cr66, TV67, SW83)
29 Jan Tasting-note sheets for use at the CUTwC Dinner The only use so far, ≤2012, of /OutlineTitlesSuppressForDecanterLabels false def.
26 Jan R. P&A LBV Old and New, Part 2
Placemat ForTheLoveOfPort.comTasting DescriptionNotes
29 Dec
25 Dec
19 Dec R. Emergency in Wokingham & Paris
16 Dec R. P&A The Unknown Shipper and His Peculiar Friends at The Bell
10 Dec 1955 Horizontal in Leverkusen, Köln /Baskerville-Bold, /Baskerville-Italic, and /Baskerville.
07 Dec
02 Dec Two Ports, total cost ≤£30 (perhaps cancelled?)
12 Nov R. Niepoort vertical in Leverkusen, Köln
12 Oct R. P&A
28 Sep
27 Sep
07 Sep R. P&A Dow and Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira at The Crusting Pipe. /ColourSchemeTitles {Circlearrays WithinTitles get 1 get (Dow) eq {/Black} {/MidGrey} ifelse} def, and, mutatis mutandis, ColourSchemeSubtitles. Is the look rather 1960s? If so, not wholly inappropriate.
26 Aug R. P&A Blind at TCP (Df85, W70, QH77, Cá85, Ck75, S82)
13 Aug
05 Aug R. P&A Anything But Vintage (I)
15 Jul R. P&A Blind Tasting of 1970 Vintage Port Made by Glenn Elliott.
09 Jul R. P&A The F-Plan II, in Utrecht
21 Jun R. P&A 1982 Horizontal at The Crusting Pipe. Maiden inclusion of vote-recorder pages. And /TitlesFont /BasqueThinNormal def.
19 May R. P&A 1960 Horizontal at The Bowler
14 May R. P&A 1978 Horizontal at The RAF Club
06 May R. P&A BMHR at an election party in Hove
UK General Election
30 Apr P&A Two Brits on Tour Made by Glenn Elliott.
19 Apr R. P&A Blind at TCP
17 Apr R. Warre II (1945 to 1985), in Sussex Excessively coloured rays, the RaysStrokeCode being at
16 Apr R. Pre-Warre Exercises Elegant use of /InlineTitlesMaxNumberContours 2 def (subsequently becoming the default).
10 Apr Whiskies from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Tested: the placemats work with barley as well as grape. And /Rays {Circlearrays WithinTitles get 2 get (Speyside) ne} def
22 Mar R. P&A Graham’s Malvedos Vertical at The RAF Club

Maiden usage of pre-pour pages (though with a Penrose tiling since removed from code).

This has become the canonical format for a vertical comprising a mixture of VP and SQVP: see the Smattering of Graham and Malvedos tasting for links.

22 Mar R. P&A The Graham’s Vertical (G80 and G85)
17 Mar R. P&A Emergency, ¾ flawed
16 Mar T70 KL70 1970: A Near-Minimal Horizontal
09 Mar R. P&A Bring A Bottle to TCP
23 Feb R. P&A Vesuvio Vertical, 1989 to 2008 Page-ordering parameters used to split into two flights
11 Feb R. P&A Oscar Quevedo in London Very complicated Circlearrays.
01 Feb R. P&A As below, with BMHR The visual effect is cool, but not necessarily appropriate for a port tasting. Done with TitlesFont = /BasqueNormal; OutlineTitlesInnerWidthWhite = 6; OutlineTitlesMultiplierWhite = 0.9375; OutlineTitlesMaxNum = 96; and OutlineTitlesTargetTotalDistanceProportionRadius = 1.04.
Bring a Bottle to the Library
30 Jan Decanter labels for the CUTwC Dinner
05 Jan R. P&A Four at TCP (O70, Cr70, W77, N85) Aggressively kerned.
Placemat ForTheLoveOfPort.comTasting DescriptionNotes
17 Dec R. P&A The Unknown Shipper and His Peculiar Friends, at The Bell
13 Nov R. P&A Port To Share (Ck60, D63, D80, Fr63, F70, GC70, G63, G70, Mz60, Mg63)
1966 versus 1967
28 Oct R. Portal Restaurant (Pç77, T77, Mg77, T63, D83)
23 Oct R. P&A Au Relais des Buttes-Chaumont, Paris 19ème (KL70, Ch85, T85, Qv07)
14 Oct R. Fonseca Emergency
02 Oct R. P&A Warre Vertical, 1947 to 2007, at the RAF Club For a pure vertical, without a need for VP-SQVP distinctions, the elegance is enhanced by the slender font /Geo112ThinBold.
15 Sep Demonstration page As of August 2016, the parameter later renamed to MirrorPagesGlasses has not been used.
12 Sep R. DRT in Paris: Saturday
Maiden inclusion of place-name pages.
11 Sep DRT in Paris: Friday evening
08 Sep R. P&A A Small 1994 Horizontal
30 Jul P&A FTLoP 4th Anniversary Made by Glenn Elliott.
21 Jul R. P&A Eighties Night at TCP /OutlineTitles {ThisName Titles WithinTitles get eq} def
07 Jul R. P&A Farewell to New York
29 Jun The Best Mature Ports to Drink Today, at Quinta do Noval The parameter since renamed to CircletextMaxFontSizeAbsolute was deffed to 9.
27 Jun Lunch at Quinta S. Luiz
26 Jun Sandeman Lunch at Quinta do Seixo
26 Jun Decent Drinking Port at Quinta do Passadouro
13 Jun ’66 ’70 ’85 Fonseca Minivertical A rare example of SideBySideGlassesTastingNotes.
11 Jun R. P&A The Leaky Bottle From this version the naming of internal parameters was standardised, so that parameters could refer to the likes of SheetNum, WithinTitles, and WithinPage.
Jun Spares for Portugal /alpha /beta /gamma …;
/alef /bet /gimel …;
/acyrillic /becyrillic /vecyrillic ….
28 May R. P&A 1977 Mini-Horizontal (Cr, W, Df, Guedes, SW, Fr) Placemats made by JES.
15 May R. Some Port for JB’s Class
18 Apr Classic years of Taylor, Fonseca, Warre
20 Mar R. P&A Emergency Port (GC80, GC97, Rr95, Rr99)
13 Feb R. P&A A Vertical of Graham’s in Brooklyn
01 Feb P&A P&A FTLoP Gala: Port, ≤1970 Made by Glenn Elliott.
31 Jan FTLoP Gala: 1977 versus 1985
31 Jan FTLoP Gala: 1994s
30 Jan FTLoP Gala: Madeira
30 Jan FTLoP Gala: Colheitas
30 Jan R. P&A Instructions for the 1970 Assembled in Illustrator.
1970 Horizontal at the RAF Club

The spelling error is regretted.

Also, the maiden outing of InlineTitles.

15 Jan R. P&A The Crusting Pipe: W70, TV67, MG85, F63, and a South African The font, /SnowtopCaps, is ghastly.
04 Jan R. P&A Emergency Port, Round 2
03 Jan Emergency Port
Placemat ForTheLoveOfPort.comTasting DescriptionNotes
26 Dec R. P&A Some Fonseca
18 Dec R. P&A The Unknown Shipper and His Peculiar Friends, at The Bell
20 Nov R. P&A Old and Blind, at Portal
14 Nov
07 Nov R. P&A Old & Odd in New York
18 Oct TNs A wonderful tasting of old Madeira, at Triomphe, 49 West 44th St, New York
17 Oct R. P&A Ferreira in New York Six glasses on A4, /GaiaElegant (later renamed /PostsAndLintel).
09 Oct
08 Oct R. P&A The Cockburn Vertical, 1908 to 2007 Good font choices, /GillSans with /Palatino-BoldItalic.
13 Sep R. P&A ’83 and ’85 Double Horizontal in Brooklyn Bad design — too much clutter.
18 Jul SV EV O AJRH visits JDAW for a 1997 mini-horizontal An early version, imperfectly successful, of SideBySideGlassesTastingNotes.
11 Jul R. P&A Old, Odd & Great, in Portal Restaurant A garish production of DRT. And 10.3 megabytes.
02 Jul R. P&A Believed not to have been used
Utrecht, Blind 1977s
25 Jun R. P&A After Cricket at The Crusting Pipe: ports costing ≤£15
20 Jun R. P&A First Anniversary: La Sirène, 558½ Broome Street, NY 10013-1508
R. P&A First Anniversary: The Roots’ Martinez 1994 and Cockburn’s Ruby
First Anniversary: DRT’s Vesuvio 1994 Picture added using Illustrator.
First Anniversary: BMHR’s Taylor 2001 LBV
First Anniversary: AHB’s Martinez 1985
20 May R. P&A Sighted 1980, unused
Blind 1980 Horizontal in Wokingham
08 May
08 May
10 Apr R. P&A Blind at The Crusting Pipe (G83, TV95, BBR83=W83, Mz55, W91) File naming changed from using hyphens (“-”) to using underscores (“_”).
03 Apr P&A Roy Hersh’s Madeira Roadshow The feature CirclifyTitles was a very bad idea, and was removed from the code in May 2011. PostScript programmers wanting this code for some other purpose should peruse
29 Mar R. P&A 1977 Horizontal at Dovetail Ca → MC
14 Feb R. P&A Valentine’s Day 1970s in Brooklyn What was I thinking? Just gratuitously gaudy. Please readers, do not do this.
09 Feb R. R. P&A Croft Vertical in Boston, 1896 to 1970
02 Feb R. 1963s in Sussex, and a decanting experiment
28 Jan R. P&A The ‘Deeper Underground’ 1966 Horizontal at The Crusting Pipe This kludge later handled in the code as pre-pour sheets.
19 Jan R. The ‘Up North’ 1985 Horizontal (D, Mz, F, N, MG, Cr)
03 Jan R. P&A Colheitathon in Manhattan
Jan R. DRT’s 1970 “One-Man-Marathon-Horizontal-Off-line”
Placemat LinkThePortForum.comTasting DescriptionNotes
26 Dec R. P&A The ‘Emergency’ 1985 Horizontal (D, I, RP, G, W, T, A) The /Harrington font still looks good.
11 Dec R. P&A Vesuvios and 1994s in Bistro Citron
08 Dec Graham Vertical in Munich Event arranged by Axel Probst. TNs: 1927, ’45, ’48, ’55, ’63, ’70, ’75, ’77, ’83, ’85, ’91, ’94, ’97, 2000, ’03.
06 Dec R. Taylor versus Fonseca:
1963, ’70, ’77, ’83, ’85, ’92, ’94.
It might be that the commercial organiser of the tasting had different arrangements, so these were unused—I don’t recall. But this was the tasting at which the author sought New-York Port-drinking company, and found it.
Not used, as subsequently decided that tasting would be semi-blind.
12 Nov
31 Oct R. P&A Alex B. in Los Angeles (W63, TV67, S77, G75, SW80, etc) Maiden appearance of water boxes (having been requested during the tasting at Bistro Citron on 29th October 2007).
30 Oct
29 Oct R. P&A Alex B. at Bistro Citron (K85, W85, W77, S77, RV77, G85) Maiden appearance of HeaderLeftText etc (later renamed to HeadersLeft etc).
12 Oct P&A
01 Sep R. P&A T-Shirt version of the following
Fonseca Vertical, 1920 to 2000, in St. Helens
Silly colour version of the above The psychedelic feature was removed from the code in September 2009.
18 Jul R. P&A “The Port Forum Offline #1”
09 Jun R. Derek T. in St Helens (D77, QH77, SW77, W80, W95LBV) Oops: “C” should have been “Cá”.
30 May

Maiden usage of OutlineTitles.

Perhaps this tasting was postponed until 9 June 2007?

04 Apr
31 Mar R. R. “Al-C” (ACC), “Al-K” (ARK), and “Al-D” (DRT) drank F70, F85, F00, G63, GM87, D83, NN87, and Mz85 Perhaps the first time the software had been used to make placemats for a tasting not attended by JDAW.
17 Mar R. 1985s in Sussex (NN, Ch, RP, Cá, RO, SW, N, W, D, S, A, M, +2) At least one bottle from THRA via a thread on FTLoP.
16 Mar R. R. Cockburn 1908, ’27, ’55, ’60, ’63, ’70, ’85; Taylor ’08, ’27, ’50, ’85 An early version of the TN page code, the name appearing at the top. And the /Cochin-Bold font still looks good.
Placemat LinkThePortForum.comTasting DescriptionNotes
11 Jul 2006 R. Nacional 1962, 1980, 1985 The code that made this was 907 lines. For comparison, the version of 5th August 2016 takes 1,910 lines just to choose the positions of the circles, and in total is ≈ 14.2× longer at 13,081 lines, partly because it has twelve page types: /Glasses, /TastingNotes, /PlaceName, /PrePour, /VoteRecorder, /DecantingNotes, /Accounts, /CorkDisplay, /NeckTags, /DecanterLabels, /StickyLabels, /DistillerLog.
05 Nov 2005 R. In Sussex: Taylor and Warre This PDF made by re-distilling the original PostScript, as the original PDF had not been retained. It is possible that the used placemats had slightly different people.
09 Apr 2005 R. A boys’ evening before a wedding (D63, F63, N45, N60, N63, N66, NN66, N70, N75, N85)
21 Oct 2004 In Manhattan: three bottles
03 Apr 2004 R. In Fulham: N31, N45, N55 (single and magnum), N63, NN70, N70, S70, N85, N00
20 Mar 2004 R. In Wimbledon: three bottles The page was guillotined down the middle.
31 Jan 2004 Placemats file
not found
R. In Fulham: N60, F60, Cr60, Cr63, N63, F66, Cr66, Cr85, N85, N97 LBV, M&S97 LBV
22 Nov 2003 Placemats file
not found
R. In Fulham: W55, W63, W66, BBR66, W70, W77 single and magnum, G77, WC88, W00
Placemat LinkThePortForum.comTasting DescriptionNotes
30 Nov 2002 R. In Fulham: Sandemans, and 1970s

A draft of these placemats was made using Adobe Illustrator, about three weeks before the event. (The Illustrator file was converted to PDF in March 2015.) Placemats for earlier events were also made in Illustrator. But the used placemats were made in PostScript. So this seems to have been the event at which placemats switched from being artisanal to being industrial.

12 Oct 2002 R. Chez RKA: excellent bottles Before the software: made using Adobe Illustrator, with the two pages in separate files.
13 Apr 2002 R. In Fulham: {Dow, Graham, Taylor} × {1980, 1983, 1985}

Before the software: made using Adobe Illustrator. (The Illustrator file was converted to PDF in March 2015.)

The names of the people are in the wrong place. Perhaps the names were guillotined.

12 May 2001 R. In Sussex: Taylor, Noval, Graham.

Before the software: made using Adobe Illustrator, with the two pages in separate files. (The Illustrator files were converted to PDF in March 2015.) And abbreviating Quinta do Noval to a ‘Q’ is slightly embarrassing.

This design can be nearly replicated in the early-2015 software using the following parameters.

/Circlearrays [
	[ (Taylor 1960)  (T60) ]
	[ (Taylor 1970)  (T70) ]
	[ (Taylor 1977 Magnum) ]
	[ (Taylor 1977 Single) ]
	[ (Taylor 1985)  (T85) ]
] def
/Titles [ (T60)  (T70)  (T77)  (T77)  (T85) ] def
/Belowtitles [ () () () () () ] def
/Overtitles [ ()  ()  (Magnum)  (Single)  () ] def

/ThePortForumIconPlacement /None def  
/HeadersLeft [] def  /HeadersCenter [] def  /HeadersRight [] def  

/PermittedPackingStyles [ /Diamonds ] def
/WaterBoxes /None def

/TitlesFont     /Baskerville-Bold def
/CircletextFont /Baskerville def

/ColourSchemeTitles /Black def

/AbovetitleMaxFontSizeProportionTitles 33 90 div def
/ExclusionAnnulusProportionInnerRadiusTitlesAboveBelow 0.1917 def

/InlineTitles false def   /InlineOvertitles true def

/CircletextsTweakSize false def
/CircletextMaxFontSizeMayBeSlightlyExceeded false def
/CircletextMaxFontSizeProportionRadius 0.5 def
/CircletextMaxFontSizeAbsolute 33 def
/CircletextsMaxCopies 2 def

/NamesFontSizeMin 9 def   /NamesFontSizeMax 9 def
24 Apr 1993 Placemats file
not found
R. In Sussex: ’63s and ’70s T63, G63, 2×T70, 2×G70, 2×N70, 2×GC70

For tastings in 1988, 1989, 1990, the vintages being ≥1955 and mostly ≤1977, various placemats were made using (memory slightly fails) either Illustrator or FreeHand. These were lost in a hard-disk crash during 1990: the lesson about backups was thoroughly learnt. After which there were no tastings until 1993, and then a longer no-tasting gap to 2001.


A Grace for a Port Tasting


Te inuocamus, Liber Pater, ut nobis adsis qui id quod nunc bibemus dum profertur omnem ad gradum curauisti. te enim praesente uuae clarissimae leuissimis manibus carptae, te praesente pressae in uinum feruerunt. tu quoque adsis, o Siluane, qui durissimum corticem dedisti cuius puro in amplexu, tot per annos nullo calore, nullo frigore conturbatum dormiret. adeste igitur, di immortales, et concedite ut his uinis hodie ita ut uolebant auctores fruamur.

Nunc est bibendum.

Thee we invoke, Liber Pater: be present now, as you were at every step when what we are about to drink was made. For under your care the finest grapes were picked by gentle hands; under your care they were trodden and turned to wine. Be present too, Silvanus, for you gave of the long-lasting cork, in whose clean embrace the wine has slept for many years, disturbed by no excess of heat or cold. Come, Immortal Gods, and grant that we may enjoy these wines as their makers intended.

Now is the time to drink!


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