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Club Cufflinks

Julian D. A. Wiseman, December 2004

The three designs of cufflinks have arrived: Quarter Blue (on gold plate), CUTwC and Anniversary (both on silver plate). Also available in the same three designs are a small number of lapel pins. Alas total weighted demand for SEPTIC cufflinks was insufficient to justify manufacture.

The printing is most excellent, and these links would grace any gentleman’s sleeve.

Links cost £20 per pair, and pins cost £10 each. The bulk of the stock is (or will soon be) with Dr Stew O. Sage of Queens’ College CB3 9ET [edit: now of Selwyn College CB3 9DQ], to whom orders should be sent. This author has retained a small supply to facilitate US and Canadian distribution. There is plenty of inventory, and hence the Club would be happy to sell to appropriately qualified winkers. Of course, those on more than an academic wage are welcome to make an additional donation to Club funds.

Correct form is to wear the links with the stripes on the viewers’ left. That is, on the left sleeve the stripes should be towards the hand, and on the right sleeve the stripes should be towards the elbow. Wearing links upside down is a fineable offence, except when the President has declared that Club members are to be in mourning.

There is a thread on this subject at

Pictures of the cufflinks will be posted here shortly. Meanwhile, the following should remind winkers of the designs:

Quarter Blue CUTwC Anniversary
Design for Quarter Blue cufflink at 4x
Design for CUTwC cufflink at 4x
Design for anniversary cufflink at 4x, with Old English text
on gold plate on silver plate on silver plate

Formerly being considered was the possibility of CUTwC ribbon, either in a design without text or in a design with text. For the design without text, ⅞ inch wide, the quotation from M&J Trimming was 39¢ per yard, for 1⅜ inch 49¢ per yard, and for 1½ inch 55¢ per yard; each of these in a 2000 yard minimum. Hence, with taxes, the cheapest unit of ribbon would come to most of a thousand dollars: the ribbon plans have been cancelled.

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