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LinkDateTitle 2023HTML gallery of chart markers–Dec 2020Steiner hexad cards: #SteinerKirkmanCards 2019Physically Delivered Lɪʙᴏʀ: the road not taken 2019Pricing Money: the whole book Jan 2016Conventional Gilts, ≥1946 Nov 2015Gilt Relative Value Jan 2015Big Bottles of Port: Ending The Prohibition Dec 2014The BoE and secrecy: two terrible decisions, and one excellent Feb 2014Scotland, independence, the pound, and the debt 2013Is Breast Cancer a Deficiency Disease? May 2013Libor, buttered side down Mar 2013Libor: the authorities can be radical Feb 2013Moody’s downgrade of the Bank of England is a nonsense Aug 2012Upside-Down Union Jacks 2012Characters for Instant Bloomberg 2011Characters for copy-pasting Sep 2011CPI-linked Gilts: Not Yet Sep 2011The statement issued by Her Majesty’s Treasury on 29 May 1985 June 2011A Defaulting Eurozone Country Can Print Euros May 2011Paul Tucker’s Difficult Questions May 2011The Old Lady’s Defence, Stigma at +25bp, Many Prices for Collateral, and The strange case of the zero May 2011The BoE’s Inflation Distribution: An Odd Inconsistency Mar 2011The Cheapest of Fukushima’s Lessons Mar 2011CoCo Credibility: add some randomness Feb 2011The Economist: Silver Spoons Only Feb 2011The BoE Should Announce The Votes With The Decision Feb 2011Unwinding £ Quantitative Easing: the BoE Should Sell Calls Dec 2010Blue and Red and Incredible Dec 2010A “Common European Bond” Dec 2010Pay: Efficiency Is Also Important Nov 2010EU5: outstanding debt, current instruments 2010The back label of Quevedo Quinta Vale D’Agodinho 2008 Vintage Port in large format Sep 2010The Chow & Robbins Problem: Stop at h=5 t=3 June 2010No Gifts June 2010Auctionettes: HMT’s Reply May 2010PR-Squared: a three-party system May 2010An Open Letter to the Commercial Secretary to the Treasury: Trouble Coming, Easily Avoided May 2010PR-Squared: UK, May 2010 2010A Penrose Tiling Mar 2009Proportionate Barbie (or, Barbie is not skinny) Mar 2009On Quantitative Easing 2009Open Mathematical Questions at 2008Methods for Distributing Gilts: A Reply 2008The Implementation of Monetary Policy: The Next Attempt 2008On The Plotting of Yields 2007What malformation did El Greco paint? of placemats→2021Glasses placemat: how to avoid confusion at a port tasting 2001Pricing Money: A Beginner’s Guide to Money, Bonds, Futures and Swaps (Table of Contents) 2001Pricing Money: A Beginner’s Guide to Money, Bonds, Futures and Swaps (Chapter 1: Money markets)→2008Non-Intuitive Features of Electoral Systems 2000The Bank of England and the Sterling Money Markets: A Critique

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